Videos of CDDC Presentation at COSI
on December 9, 2013

It's Not Too Late


We really need your support.  Contact the Franklin County Commissioners and let your feelings be known.  We need you to join us before our voices are silenced!

Thank You

They are Attacking our Most
Outspoken Leaders

Dear Fellow Veterans and Veteran Supporters,

The CDDC and the Franklin County Commissioners (FCC) are going after the opposing leadership:

Bill Goldman was a member of the Franklin County Veteran's Memorial Advisory Board.  Here is Bills attempt to speak up for Veterans.  Here is the letter of dismissal that Bill received as a result of his efforts.

John Dreska has been most outspoken yet MG Dennis Laich, spokesperson for the CDDC, and Amy  Taylor of the CDDC paid a visit to John's managment on January 7, 2014, without informing John.

When Mayor Coleman's Team promises dialogue, they then makes an attempt to silence Veteran's who speak up.

Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks indicates her support of veterans then changes her mind and turns against them.

See the lies and lack of transparency offered by the CDDC, FCC and the Mayor's Office in a presentation held on December 9, 2013 at COSI

The CDDC, the FCC and the Mayor's Office have used lies and deception to push through their plan.  There has been a total lack of tranparency in this activity. We veterans have fought for this nation, now it's time to fight for our community.

Check Out the Letters page

"We have to prevent the marginalization of Veterans in Franklin County and Central Ohio. We've all served our Nation in one capacity or another, now it's time to fight for what's right." Anonymous veteran of the Cols. Mayor's Veterans Advisory Board

"If Franklin County has 77,000 veterans, I would guess that represents at least 500,000 total years of service to our country.  No other segment of the population has a stronger claim to the fate of that property." Ted Mosure, President, Board of Directors, Ohio Military Hall of Fame  


Go Here
To see the plans for
the Veterans Memorial
Board of Trustee's Renovation & Expansion of Vets Memorial

Franklin County Veterans Service
Commission Resolution

They want to move the Franklin County Veteran's Service Commission to the old Veteran's Memorial Hall at  280 E. Broad St.
Not easily accessible by our handicapped veterans and poor parking.

We can save and reuse Veteran's Memorial Hall that is 107 years old but we can't save and renovate a larger more usable facility because it is 58 years old.  How old was Central High School when they renovated it and made it the new COSI.  Where's the logic.